The Raven Pub is driven by it’s local surroundings and abundant history. We pay homage to our roots – a gathering place as comfortable as your living room and as social as your kitchen. There’s a classic feel with a modern twist, inspiring new connections sustainable, quality food and drinks.

We are passionate about being fresh and local.


Our Vision

To build memorable experiences while delivering quality products and dependable service.



Gibbons has been sharing Whistler with the world since 1979. We operate venues, run festivals, brew beer, talk travel and throw parties.

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A Little History

The Whistler Village was created in 1979, and so were we. Since then we have grown… from Whistler’s first pub, to the proud owners of the Longhorn Saloon, Buffalo Bills, Tapley’s Pub, the FireRock Lounge, Garfinkel’s, Stonesedge Kitchen, Norman Rudy’s in Squamish, Deep Cove Brewery & Distillery, and most recently, The Raven Pub. We are even more proud that each of these establishments are being led by people who have grown up within.

Our key to success has been in connecting our team’s passion with opportunity… and the opportunities here are endless.

Every year our great community of Whistler is blessed with attracting some of the most talented people from all over the world. At Gibbons we recognize that we are in the people business, because we know that a happy team creates happy energy and this leads to happy guests.

Growth and Giving Back

We have recently started to branch out and pursue new opportunities in music, travel, and festivals; fueled by the passion of the great people we have at Gibbons. As part of our community giveback program we sponsor local sports teams, artists, athletes and festivals and events.

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to make people happy. Every day we strive to create more seconds of happiness in the things that we do, for the people we meet, and for the incredible team we are honoured to be surrounded by here in Whistler.

It’s important to us that we listen to our team and our community. If they are thriving, then we will be too.

Watch this space world – Gibbons is growing…